‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’ contestants vie for ‘K-Medal’

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New Delhi, Aug 12 : Week on week, the competition in stunt-based show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’, is getting fiercer.

While the ‘Khiladis’ are leaving no stone unturned in putting their best foot forward and being at the top of their game, this weekend host and action guru Rohit Shetty brings in the ‘Baap’ of all twists as he introduces ‘K-Medal’.

While the contestants never had an option to choose the stunts that they wanted to perform, the ‘K-Medal’ will change the game for each one of them.

The winner of this coveted medal will hold the exclusive power to refrain from participating in any stunt.

In the previous season, former winner Arjun Bijlani had won the ‘K-Medal’, and therefore winning this medal gets even more important.

To intensify the challenges, Rohit announces the return of the most difficult stunt of the show, the ‘Inverted Vacuum’. But this time the contestants will be performing this stunt in pairs.

Performing the stunt with utter grit will be Tushar Kalia and Srita Jha against Faisal Shaikh and Kanika Mann.

As Pratik Sehajpal makes a wild card entry in the show, he is pitted against his close friend Nishant Bhat in the ‘Wall Sweeper Stunt’.

Up next will be the ‘Truck to Truck Stunt’, where the desi boys Mohit Mallik and Tushar come against each other yet again and perform the stunt on a moving truck.

Nishant has previously been attacked by pigs this season, his ‘not so friendly relationship with animals continues as he gets bitten by a Scorpio in the ‘Chili Lemon Stunt’.

Rajiv Adatia, has always managed to bring big smiles to the face of the contestants and the viewers with his struggle to learn Hindi. This weekend the difficulties increase for him as host Rohit tests his knowledge of Bollywood.

He is asked to guess the names of films written in gibberish. On every wrong answer that he gives, water will b poured upon him as a punishment.

The tussle between Rubina and Kanika get a notch higher as Rubina once again alleges Kanika of being dishonesty during a stunt.

She accuses her of lying about her inability to drive at the beginning of the stunt but later goes on and drives the car properly in the stunt.

As the competition to achieve the ‘K Medal’ gets underway, contestants will fight tooth and nail to win the coveted title. It will be interesting to watch who will finally win the opportunity.

‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on COLORS.


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