Kim Jong Un admits food problem in New Year speech

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Pyongyang, Jan 2 : North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year speech admitted the ongoing “food problem” in the country.

According to CNN report, the majority of Kim’s speech focused on the need to boost agricultural productivity in the country.

However, he did not detail the degree of food scarcity.

This is not the first time the North Korean leader has acknowledged the food crisis.

In April, the state-media KCNA had reported Kim urging citizens to undertake another “Arduous March”, referring to period of devastating famine in the early 1990s, during his address at a top-level political meeting.

In June, Kim said that the country was facing a “tense food situation” due to typhoon and floods in 2020.

In the same month, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that North Korea is short of about 860,000 tons of food — which would have been enough for just over two months of supplies, CNN reports.


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