Kolkata Update : TMC govt decimating democratic values: Guv

TMC govt decimating democratic values, Guv

Kolkata, Nov 21 : Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar today launched a broadside at the Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress Government, accusing it of decimating democratic values.

In a series of tweets since morning, Mr Dhankhar held the government responsible for “targetting the constitutional head indicative of bureaucracy in political captivity”.

‘Accusatory tweets @HomeBengal qua Governor factually untenable and beyond any justifiability.

Flagged issue @MamataOfficial. Still non-responsive. He went on to say, ‘These unfortunate transgressions are actionable. Targeting Constitutional Head indicative of bureaucracy in ‘political captivity.

‘Such emasculation, capitulation and politicisation of police @WBPolice and bureaucracy @MamataOfficial unfortunate and augurs ill for a democracy,’ he added. ‘Sought response of ACS Home on tweets @HomeBengal as such affront to constitution & rule of law can neither be overlooked nor condoned.

‘Administration @MamataOfficial still in political mode in breach of observance of “political neutrality” shall face due accountability in exemplary manner. ‘Decimation of Democratic Values cannot be allowed by such gross misdemeanour and dereliction of duty @WBPolice @HomeBengal,’ Mr Dhankhar said.

The governor also uploaded photos of his letter addressed to the chief minister.


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