K’taka polls: RSS, BJP attacking Basavanna’s philosophy, says Rahul Gandhi

Bidar, April 17 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the RSS and the BJP are attacking the philosophy of Basavanna. Bidar is the Karma Bhoomi of Basavanna, (a 12th century social reformer). For the first time in the county if anyone spoke about democracy and showed the path of democracy it was Basavanna, he said.

Addressing a public rally at Humnabad in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi stated that the RSS and the BJP are attacking democracy in the whole country. Basavanna thought of equal participation, equal representation and collective growth. These thoughts are being attacked by the BJP and the RSS.

They are spreading hatred and violence in the country. The BJP’s ideology is different from Basavanna’s. Whatever Basavanna said, the RSS and the BJP are against it, he alleged.

In a few days, elections are taking place in Karnataka. The Congress party is winning with 150 seats, the 40 per cent commission BJP government won’t get more than 40 seats, he claimed.

Rahul Gandhi stated that in the first cabinet meeting the Congress would fulfil all the four guarantee schemes promised to the people in the state.

He maintained that the BJP government in the whole country is known for taking 40 per cent commission. Wherever PM Modi goes he talks about corruption. PM Modi has not opened his mouth on a BJP MLA’s son getting caught with Rs 6 crores, job scam, PSI recruitment scam, assistant professor job scam.

The Congress will have to win more than 150 seats otherwise the BJP will try to purchase MLAs with the 40 per cent commission money. “The BJP should not get more than 40 seats and the Congress should get more than 150 seats,” he appealed.

Rahul Gandhi called for the release of the OBC data gathered by the UPA government in 2011. “We will not leave until it is made public. We will not rest until 50 per cent reservation is taken out and population wise representation is given to Dalits and Adivasis,” he added.


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