Kumaraswamy rubbishes speculations over Bommai’s exit

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Bengaluru, Dec 20 : Former chief minister and JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy on Monday rubbished the speculations of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s possible exit.

He was responding to a question on the emotional address Bommai gave to the people of Shiggaon constituency yesterday, where he said nothing is eternal in the world, including posts and positions, fuelling speculations of his possible exit.

“I do not want to give a different interpretation to the emotional speech given by the chief minister while addressing the people of his constituency (Shiggaon). Because, he (CM) has won four times from that constituency. Therefore, he has an emotional bond with the people. Because, he has become chief minister due to their blessings. The emotional speech of the CM can be understood by those who have a heart of a mother. Others cannot understand such emotions,” he told reporters here.

Kumaraswamy said he also becomes emotional when he addresses people of his constituency in Ramanagara.

“On many occasions, I also become emotional and emotions pour out while addressing people of Ramanagara, which is my constituency. This is because they look after us like their own children. So when I visit them it is but the nature of human beings to become emotional,” he said.

In a highly emotional and choking voice, Bommai here on Sunday said “nothing is eternal in this world, including posts and positions.”

These remarks came in the wake of some media reports questioning his leadership qualities. A section of BJP leaders believe that Bommai has failed to assert his leadership within the party, people and the government.

“Nothing is permanent in this world. This life is also not permanent. How long we will live, we don’t know. In this context, these posts and positions are not at all permanent. I am aware of this truth every moment. I try my best not to speak emotionally, but when I see you all, the emotions overwhelm me. I am not able to visit you regularly. There is a very big responsibility on my shoulders to make all-round development in the state and respect the emotions of all communities. That is a very big responsibility,” Bommai said.

Expressing his gratitude to the people of his constituency, Bommai said he is only Basavaraj Bommai for them, not the chief minister.

He also said he cannot repay the debt by the people of his constituency who have shown love and respect towards him.

“Because of your blessings, I am standing before you all as the chief minister. But, I like to mention here one thing, which I always tell to you all. And that is that when I move out of my constituency, I am the chief minister, a home minister or a water resources minister, but when I visit this constituency I always remain Basavaraj Bommai to you. And, I have been saying this even after I became the chief minister,” he said.

“Why am I saying this is that, Basavaraj Bommai is an eternal name, but positions and posts attached to this name are not eternal. I am indebted to the people of this constituency. Whatever work I would try to do, but that debt cannot be repaid. I don’t have any big aspirations. I just want to keep intact the love and affection you all have shown towards me. Whenever I came to your town, you fed me with Rotti (Jowar Roti) and Navanakki Anna (Foxtail Millet). I cannot forget it,” Bommai said with tears in his eyes.

Bommai had assumed charge as chief minister on July 28 after BS Yediyurappa resigned after completion of two years in office.


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