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New Delhi, Jan 9 : January is my diet month, as I always start the year a few kilos heavier. This time around it is more than a few kilos, perhaps as gatherings and trips were cancelled I decided to over compensate with extra helpings of Christmas cake washed down with mulled wine. However when it comes to clothes I tend to over indulge–as it is the month of sales.

Over the years I have picked up some real style buys–be it an Alexander McQueen pink chiffon evening gown or an Anamika Khanna drape, these are pieces that have stayed in my wardrobe for years to come. But I have to admit I have also bought a lot of rubbish, only because it was heavily discounted. So this year I have decided to extend my diet to include fashion consumption; it will be a month of no shopping. Which is hard–as I live in Dubai, where there is a shopping festival on, and many local designers are hosting sample sales.

It was triggered by the fact that some clothes in my closet that I bought last year at the Dubai Shopping Festival still have their tags on. So instead of hitting the mall (and it is probably smart to avoid it right now anyway) I have stayed home and shopped my own wardrobe and turned to the Netflix show “Emily in Paris” for some inspiration. I have tried print on print, mixing bright colours with even brighter colours and thanks to the character of Sylvie am turning to chic black dresses for all occasions. (I have many beautiful black dresses that did not have a single outing last year.)

So far I have not had one cheat day, even though I have been to a few socially distanced sample sales of designer friends and am actually glad to be avoiding the malls in these times. It has given me extra time to try on my clothes and figure out how to mix old faithful pieces with new purchases and forgotten finds. I have got it wrong a couple of times, but you only learn from mistakes. A major fashion faux pas was when I tried a blue and red checked knee length dress with a blue and gold brocade floral jacket.

I have discovered many forgotten finds, belts, scarves and necklaces and have been reminded that when it comes to style–it really is all about the details. Not only has it been fun but it has acted as a total fashion reset. It has helped me understand how my own sense of style has evolved and hopefully it will make me a more conscious consumer. #DietJanuary has taken on a whole new meaning this year.

The writer Sujata Assomull is an IANSlife columnist. Assomull is the author “100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes” and was the Founding Editor In Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, India.


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