Live in relationship UP : UP court allows adult ‘girlfriend’s’ to live together

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Rampur (Uttar Pradesh), Aug 19 : A court in Rampur has granted permission to two women, who are in a relationship to live together.

One of the women, in her early 20s, who allegedly went missing around a month ago, was recovered from the house of her ‘girlfriend’ in the Shahbad area of Rampur.

According to police, her family had lodged a missing complaint in July.

The woman, who was recently spotted with her friend at her house in Shahbad, said that she left her home ‘willingly’ as she wanted to stay with her friend.

Since both the women are above 18 years and one of them willingly left her home, the two were presented before an executive magistrate who granted them permission to live together, the police said.

Suar circle officer Dharam Singh Marchal said, “After the girl was recovered by the police team, she revealed that she had left home by choice as she wanted to live with her ‘friend’ and not with her family.

“The girl’s family had earlier told police that she is a minor. However, she was found to be in her 20s. The girls showed their high school certificates. One of them is in her early 20s while the other one is a postgraduate student.”

Soon after the woman was recovered, the duo and their families sat together and long counselling sessions were given to them.

However, both were adamant and remained firm on their decision of living together and repeatedly said that they were eligible to make their own choices.

The families were also told that they cannot force them otherwise it could lead to legal action against them,” the police officer said.


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