London News Update : British House of Commons says China carrying out genocide

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London, Apr 23 : The British House of Commons has declared that genocide is taking place against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in north-west China.

The motion was passed in the house to this effect, however, this does not compel the UK government to take action against China, though it is a sign of growing discontent towards the Chinese government in the British Parliament.

More than a million ethnic minorities are estimated to be at camps, which the Chinese call’s education’ centers in the Xinjiang autonomous region.

There have been reports particularly in the western dress stating that people at these camps are forcefully detained and subjected to repression and torture.

The Chinese embassy was quick to respond to this development by the House of Commons, in a statement, said “The unwarranted accusation by a handful of British MPs that there is ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang is the most preposterous lie of the century, an outrageous insult and affront to the Chinese people, and a gross breach of international law and the basic norms governing international relations.

China strongly opposes the UK’s blatant interference in China’s internal affairs.”


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