Love jihad : Muslim woman accuses husband of ‘love jihad’

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Lucknow, July 7 : A Muslim woman has lodged an FIR against her husband, accusing him of running a ‘love jihad’ campaign, trading in illegal weapons, harbouring foreign nationals and torturing her for dowry.

The complaint was lodged at Indira Nagar police station here on Tuesday and the woman has named her mother-in-law as a co-accused.

According to the complainant, the woman said that her husband, Ashraf, heads Khanqah-e-Ashrafia Hussainia Qutbe, a dargah (shrine) in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), North, Prachi Singh said an FIR under the Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020, and on charges of extortion and dowry harassment has been lodged in this connection.

In the FIR, the woman claimed that she got married to Ashraf in 2019 and went with him to Bengaluru.

Soon after marriage, he started pressuring her to befriend non-Muslim women and bring them home. The woman said she initially followed her husband’s diktats as she was afraid of losing him.

“Later, when I got pregnant, Ashraf forced me to undergo sex determination test. When Ashraf and her mother got to know that the unborn baby was a girl, they thrashed me. They called my brother and demanded Rs 25 lakh for sparing my life. My brother paid Rs 7.5 lakh to them,” she alleged.

She claimed that Ashraf and his mother were running a ‘love jihad’ campaign and added that at Ashraf’s behest, some hardliners of foreign origin tortured her.

She also accused them of bringing visitors to the shrine to carry out their ‘love jihad’ campaign.

“Ashraf married a Hindu girl in due course of time and renamed her Madiha. She was later shifted to the shrine where she was given training in weaponry,” she said.

The complainant claimed that Ashraf and his mother turned her out of their house saying they would allow her to return only if she paid Rs 17.5 lakh to them and brought four non-Muslim girls for religion conversion.

“I came back to Lucknow and gave birth to my daughter,” she said.


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