Maharashtra : Buddhist monk kills fellow female monk in Nagpur

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Nagpur, August 30 : A Buddhist monk allegedly killed a fellow female monk at a monastery in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district , a senior police official of Khaperkheda police station said here on Monday.

According to the official the two were in a relationship since 2012.

The deceased fellow female monk was identified as Kusum Chavan.

While the accused Buddhist monk was identified as Dhammanand Therro alias Ramdas Meshram(58).

Both stayed at Shiwali Bhikshu Niwas Monastery in Pipla area.

However, Meshram was suspicious of her fidelity and on Sunday a heated argument broke out between them regarding this.

Following the argument, the accused allegedly stabbed and hammered the female monk causing grevious injuries to her which led to her death. The accused has been taken into custody and an offence under sections 302 of IPC was registered against him , the official added.


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