Maharashtra News Update : Probe to be initiated in dance celebration at MPA

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Nashik, Mar : At the Maharashtra Police Academy (MPA) here on Friday night, the trainee Police Sub-Inspectors (PSI) performed a group dance on the corona’s banner. It went viral on social media. As a result, the dance of over seven hundred PSI has been found in the controversy.

The director of Maharashtra Police Academy Aswathi Dorje has informed that a probe on departmental level will be initiated in the case and he has also said the act was indecent.

A prize distribution ceremony for trainee police officers was organised at MPA on Friday March 26. After the ceremony concluded the trainee officers ran towards the stage with the mementos and danced together in a group in the state.

The sources in MPA however claimed that the second dose of CoVid-19 vaccine was completed by all the trainee police officers who participated in the ceremony.Police officers participating in the ceremony danced together with close proximity to each other the Marathi song . No one was seen wearing a face mask and physical distancing was not maintained . The video of their dancing was circulated widely on social media networks for the entire Saturday.


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