Maharashtra : Revenue department tops in corruption in 2021

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Aurangabad, Jan 13 : The revenue department one of the important departments in the state has topped in matter of corruption in the year 2021 across in the Maharashtra state, officials informed on Thursday.

As many as 773 cases of bribe, misappropriation and other corruption cases were registered against state government employees of the revenue department in the eight divisions offices of ACB across the state up to December 31, 2021 as compared to 663 cases in 2020.

The update statistics up to December end available on ACB Maharashtra state official web site stated that the in the eight range offices in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad and Nanded – a total of 773 cases, that included 764 cases of bribe, 7 misappropriation and 2 others corruption cases– were registered against 1,099 people. These included class one, two, three, four officers, other government servants and private people.

A total amount of Rs 26,419,881 were recovered in 764 cases across the states from 1,076 alleged accused.

Apart from the anti-corruption cases, the ACB also registered 11 cases of misappropriation worth Rs 22,236,606 against 11 people across the state, while 2 other corruptions cases were also registered against the 12 accused.

Of the 764 cases, the highest 168 were registered in Pune range followed by Aurangabad 130, Nanded 129, Thane 89, Amravati 73, Nagpur 72, Nanded 62 cases, and the lowest was Mumbai with 50 cases, the report said.

According to statistics, the state revenue department topped the list with 178 cases, followed by state police department with 173 corruption cases, MSEDCL & Municipal Corporations 51 each cases, besides others.

Every year, the State Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) observes a week-long awareness drive to spread awareness on corruption and abuse of powers by the government officers.

Known as Dakshata Janajagruti Saptah, the motive behind the drive is to reduce corrupt practices of the government officers.

During the week-long saptah, the officers are urged not to accept any kind of bribe from citizens.

In 2019 the ACB registered 891 cases, in 2018 936 cases, in 2017 925cases, in 2016 1,096 cases, in 2015 1,279 cases, the statistic added.


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