Maninee De explains why she was first sceptical about ‘Love Knows No Age’

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Mumbai, July 28 : Maninee De, who is currently seen in the short film ‘Love Knows No Age’, says that it is mutual respect and trust which matters in any relationship rather than age gap.

‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin’ actress said: “As it is said men mature later than women. I think we need to raise men in the right way to be mature as per their age because relationships are about being mature, handling yourself maturely. Women are not there to only bring up men, they are individuals and come with her baggage and distinct personalities.”

“These things need to be discussed, and if there is an issue, both need to find out how to deal with it. I have some amazing examples of age difference relationships and I think they are brilliant and both the people have reached a point of understanding that human beings are flawed and they have innate respect and regard for each other’s good and bad,” she explains.

While talking about her personal viewpoint on the age difference in relationships, she shares: “I have a very simple funda. I don’t believe in the whole thing of you completing me or I complete you. I wasn’t born incomplete and don’t need anyone to complete me.”

“I would like someone to compliment me. There are things that need to be discussed and addressed. One needs to be a mature adult to be able to navigate the path with maturity, objectivity and balance.”

The actress shares a special bond with content creators Shivankar Arora and Shipra Arora. She has worked with them on a few projects and their latest collaboration is the short film, ‘Love Knows No Age’.

“My association with Shipra and Shivankar began in 2019. Thanks to Ankit Shah who recommended my name for a series they were making. It was about a fat boy getting a date and they wanted the mother, who was very modern and sassy to tag along. Ankit told them to get in touch with me and that’s how we got connected,” she says.

Maninee, who has done quite a few short films with them, shares that she was sceptical before she said yes to the project.

“Initially, I said no because I was not very comfortable knowing the kind of attitude that people in general have towards age gap. Also having personally gone through a situation where one of my spouses was a little younger to me, having to hear things, I wasn’t really chuffed about it. It was one of my fears. I can’t say no to Shipra as she has a piece of my heart. So, she finally convinced me,” she wraps up.


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