Manipal Hospitals and Social Panga urges people to take care of their Heart! Launches #NotYoungAtHeart campaign

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Kolkata, Sep 29 : Many instances of fatal cardiac issues are being reported in people under the age of 40, and understanding the importance of responsible messaging and awareness, this World Heart Day, Manipal Hospitals and Social Panga launched #NotYoungAtHeart campaign urging people to take care of their hearts.

Early heart attack at a younger age increases the likelihood of another heart attack or stroke during the later stages of life. 25% of all heart attacks in Indian men occur under 40 years of age. Spreading awareness about early detection and prevention is the most critical step in the successful prevention and management of this condition.

This campaign has been conceptualized with the aim to spread awareness and inspire people that it is time to start looking after your heart as age is just a number. The video emphasized reminding people to make the right choices in life when it comes to health. It focuses on how wrong lifestyle choices are leading to a steep rise in the number of heart attacks in our country and comes as a reminder for the need of a regular health check-up and active lifestyle.

Commenting on the objective of the campaign, Madhur Gopal, GM Marketing, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. said, “India’s youth are now facing an unusual challenge – dealing with their unhealthy hearts. 58% of people in top cities, between ages 30 to 40, with a sedentary lifestyle, are at greater risk of heart disease. Manipal Hospitals have always strived and encouraged people towards a healthy and active lifestyle. This World Heart Day on September 29, it was imperative for us to shed light on those obvious concerns regarding having heart attacks at a young age and the ways of preventing it. With a thought-provoking video, we aim to push the youth to start caring for their heart, just like their work.”

The pandemic induced work from home has led to a more sedentary lifestyle, leading to obesity, diabetes and other health risks in young Indians.

Talking about the campaign, Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga, said, “Since 2019, Social Panga has worked with Manipal Hospitals on creating several awareness campaigns and in addressing healthcare with a new approach – minimal, impactful and smart content. With this campaign we not only wanted to create awareness but also inspire people to get rid of that last unhealthy lifestyle choice they have been clinging onto or that regular health check-up that they have been putting off indefinitely. Make a start because age is just a number.”


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