Manipur tribals separately celebrate I-Day with march past, national anthem

Imphal, Aug 15 : The tribals on Manipur, comprising Chin, Kuki, Zomi, Mizo and Hmar tribes, celebrated the 77th Independence Day with a ceremonial march past and singing of national anthem at a mega event in Churachandpur on Tuesday.

Veteran tribal leaders reviewed the parade and took salute from 23 march past contingents commanded by their respective group leaders.

The national flag was hoisted by Pi Nengzahoih, the wife of Pastor Sehkhohao, one of the first known victims from the Zo Community in the ethnic violence that broke out in the state on May 3.

Organised by the Zomi Council Steering Committee, over 2,000 Village Defence Force (VDF) personnel, youth and students took part in the ceremonial march past while thousands of men and women of all ages witnessed the mega event at the Lamka Public Ground in Churachandpur.

Members of the Zomi Mothers Association led the 40-minute long march past.

Later, all the participants took oath expressing their allegiance to the Indian nation, its Constitution and the Tricolour.

They also swore to defend the Indian territory and its people while fighting against all internal and external enemies.

The participants, wearing VDF uniform and traditional attires, observed a minute’s silence to pay their tribute to those killed in the ethnic violence in the state.

The tribal leaders said the main objective of organising the Independence Day event was to give a message to the world that they are also Indians, and they are indeed the genuine citizens of the country, and not illegal immigrants.

“It was organised with a purpose and intention to send across a message to the world that Chin, Kuki, Zomi, Mizo and Hmar tribes are living in their own lands which have been inherited by them from their ancestors since time immemorial.

“The Independence Day programme was also organised to prove various accusations levelled against the tribals wrong,” a tribal leader told the media.

Former Jharkhand Chief Minister and incumbent state President of the BJP, Babulal Marandi, appreciated the tribals for celebrating Independence Day in Manipur.

The veteran tribal leader tweeted: “People of Kuki community celebrate Independence Day in Manipur’s Churachandpur… The violence since May 3 has killed nearly 150 people on both sides and displaced over 50,000… We are all one, under one Tricolor of one India… Our goal is to build a better India.”

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