‘Mark my words..’, Rahul’s prophecy on Farm bills comes true

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Madurai, Nov 19 : Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s prophecy seems to have come true with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing repeal of the three contentious Farm laws.

Moments after the Prime Minister announced withdrawal of the Farm laws in a televised address, Mr Rahul in a tweet, tagged the video clipping of his old press meet here in January on “Farm Bills”.

During the press meet at the airport on January 14 when he visited this temple town to witness the Jallikattu (taming of bulls), Rahul said “Mark my words…these (farm) laws..the Government will be forced to take them back,” trolled on the social media on Friday.

Mr.Gandhi had accused the Central government of not just neglecting them (farmers), but conspiring to destroy them.

“There is a difference. Neglecting is ignoring them. They (government) are not ignoring the farmers. They are trying to destroy them, because they want to benefit two or three of their friends,” Rahul had said.

They want to give what belongs to the farmers to two or three of their friends. They want to take the land of the farmers, produce of the farmers and they want to give it to their friends.

“You are suppressing the farmers, you are helping a handful of businesses,” he had said, while addressing the media. Stating that he was very proud of the farmers and fully support them, the Congress leader said he will continue to stand with them.

“Mark my words. These laws, the government will be forced to take them back,” he had said. And these prophetic words of Rahul has now come true.


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