Medellin’ director Franck Gastambide reveals exp of working with Mike Tyson

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New Delhi, May 31 : French director Franck Gastambide is all set to bring his latest action comedy ‘Medellin’.

This French Amazon Original takes place in Columbia and follows Reda, who devises a wild plan to rescue his little brother from dangerous drug traffickers belonging to the Medellín cartel. His plan is simple yet totally insane: assemble a team and carry out a raid in Colombia! But things spiral out of control when he decides to kidnap the son of the cartel leader in order to secure his brother’s release. With a special guest appearance by Mike Tyson, this hilarious film adds even more action-packed fun to the mix.

Talking about the unique experience of having the world-famous professional boxer Mike Tyson, Franck revealed that Mike was extremely nervous to enter the ring.

Franck said in a statement, “He arrived extremely stressed, which is not so surprising when you know that he has always been afraid when entering the ring. It wasn’t a fight, but he was anxious about doing wrong and he was magnificent.”

He further added, “While we all imagined that Mike Tyson would return to his dressing room between takes, he stayed on set with us and we spent days laughing and calling friends on FaceTime to tell them ‘Look who I am with!’, which amused him a lot. We lived absolutely unforgettable moments. For the Colombian team, there was a before and after Mike Tyson: until then, we were just French people who came to shoot a film in Colombia, but after Mike Tyson, the scope of the film changed in their eyes.”

Directed by Franck Gastambide, and co-written by Gastambide and Charles Van Tieghem, the French Original film is produced by Kowloon Film.

It stars Franck Gastambide, and Anouar Toubali in pivotal roles and will premiere on Prime Video on June 2.

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