Members of Czech parliament banned from using TikTok on govt devices – Reports

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Prague, Mar 23 : Members of both houses of the Czech parliament have been banned from using Chinese video-sharing app TikTok due to security reasons and in accordance with the recommendations of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency, Czech media reported on Wednesday.

The IT departments of both chambers must ensure the conditions under which the TikTok application cannot be installed and used on government electronic devices, the Cesky rozhlas radio reported.

Chamber of Deputies Secretary General Martin Plisek told reporters that all lawmakers and their assistants were also advised not to use this application on personal electronic devices.

Currently, TikTok access from government devices is prohibited in more than half of US states due to security concerns about user data being accessed by the Chinese government. In addition, the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs has approved a bill that could allow the US government to ban TikTok or any other foreign app if they are believed to be a threat to national security.

In February, TikTok’s use was banned by the Canadian government and the European Union’s Commission and Parliament on all devices used by their employees for work. In March, the UK government also decided to ban officials from using the social network on government devices.


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