Merkel calls developments in Afghanistan ‘bitter, dramatic, awful’ for citizens, West

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Berlin, Aug 17 : The latest developments in Afghanistan are bitter not only for Afghans, but also for the West, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday.

“From the moment of the foreign troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have been watching the Taliban [a terrorist group, banned in Russia] occupying one province after another, one city after another with an incredible speed, and regaining control of all the country. It is an extremely bitter development. Bitter, dramatic, and awful development, especially, for people in Afghanistan,” Merkel told reporters.

Such developments are also bitter for Germany and its allies who have been fighting terrorism in Afghanistan for 20 years under the guidance of the United States, the chancellor continued.

According to Merkel, the international community, as well as Germany, failed to estimate the developments in the Central Asian country correctly and did not foresee that the Taliban would seize the power so quickly, as the government forces did not resist.

A summit on Afghanistan and the support of the neighboring states will be discussed among EU leaders, but the priority now is to evacuate as many people from the country as possible, Merkel added.

The Taliban almost completely took over Afghanistan on Sunday, when the militants entered the presidential palace in Kabul. The Afghan president resigned and left the country to avert bloodshed, as he said. The Taliban declared an end to the 20-year-war in the country.


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