Minsk : Poland deploys military equipment in front of refugees at border

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Minsk, Nov 9 : Polish forces have deployed military equipment in front of a camp of Kurdish refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border and they psychologically pressure them, the Belarusian border committee said on Tuesday.

“At the moment, a group of Polish security forces has lined up in front of the refugee camp, equipment, including military equipment, has been pulled together,” the committee wrote on its Telegram channel.

The committee mentioned that the health of some migrants has deteriorated after the use of tear gas by Polish forces.

“To exert psychological pressure on the refugees, the Polish military turned on loudspeakers, searchlights, strobe lights for the whole night. Shots were also heard from the adjacent territory,” the committee added.

The closure of the Kuznica checkpoint by Poland may be caused by Warsaw’s desire to conceal the use of force against refugees, according to Minsk.

“In the absence of objective reasons for the closure of the Polish checkpoint ‘Kuznica’, it is possible that this decision was made by the Polish side to exclude video recording by casual witnesses and not to make public the facts of the use of force and weapons by the Polish military against refugees,” the committee said.


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