Modi is making farmers ‘slaves’ of capitalists: Rahul

New Delhi, Sep 20 : Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who misses no opportunity to corner the Central government, on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that Mr Modi was making farmers ‘slaves’ of capitalists and the country will never let it succeed.

The Congress leader continued his attack on the three agriculture-related Bills that have been passed

in the Lok Sabha and were tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Sunday.

The Congress MP from Wayanad tweeted, “How will the farmers get the Minimum Support Price (MSP) when

the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC)/kisan market ends with the anti-agriculture ‘black law’

of Modi government? Why not guarantee MSP? Modi is making farmers ‘slaves’ of capitalists whom the country will never let succeed.”

Earlier, Mr Gandhi had said that the farmer of the country knows that through this Bill, the Modi government

will increase the business of its cronies. He wrote in a tweet, “The farmer has lost confidence in the Modi

government because Modiji’s statement and actions have been different since the beginning – demonetisation,

wrong GST and heavy tax on diesel. Awakened farmer knows – Modi government will increase the trade of

‘friends’ with agriculture bill and will attack farmers’ livelihood.”


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