Moscow to become one of Pilot regions where E-passports will be issued in 2023 -Government

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Moscow, Dec 27 : The Russian government will start issuing electronic passports in the Moscow region at the beginning of 2023, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko told Sputnik.

According to Chernyshenko, the e-passport will look like a bank card and will have an embedded electronic chip with all the necessary data. Additional personal information, such as a driver’s license number, can also be added to the e-passport’s memory storage.

“All preparatory activities will be completed by the end of next year,” Chernyshenko said, adding that the Russian government will “start issuing [the electronic passports] from the beginning of 2023, tentatively, in pilot regions that have a high technological readiness to use such documents – these are Moscow, the Moscow region and the Republic of Tatarstan.”

The deputy prime minister specified that despite the initial limited launch, people will be able to use the e-passport anywhere in Russia.


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