MPCC slams PM over public rally in Punjab

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Mumbai, Jan 6 : Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Nana Patole on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doing Nautanki (drama) over the cancellation of Wednesday’s Public rally at Ferozpur in Punjab.

In a release, Mr Patole said Prime Minister himself breached the protocol, as he (Mr Modi) was supposed to go there by helicopter then why did he change his route and went by road.

PM Modi was stranded on a fly over in Punjab due to a protest aby the farmers who were protesting against him.

At the rally, there was seating arrangements for more than 70,000 people, but hardly 700 people turned up forcing the Prime Minister to cancel his tour and return to Delhi, while blaming the Punjab government for the breach of security on the prime minister’s route.

However, Punjab Chief Minister Channi has clarified that there was elaborate security arrangement made for the PMs visit and rally.

At the last movement the PMs route was changed as he took the road instead of a helicopter and that is why he got stranded on the flyover.

Mr Patole said that the BJP has lost the ground in Punjab which is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doing ‘Nautanki’ to gain win votes in the forthcoming state elections in Punjab and elsewhere.


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