Mujahid : US position on blacklisting of Taliban leaders a violation of Doha agreement

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Kabul, Sep 9 : The Taliban on Thursday said the US position regarding blacklisting of Taliban leaders is a violation of the Doha agreement.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, in a series of tweets said: “The new US position on the blacklist violates the Doha Agreement. The Pentagon says some members of the Islamic Emirate’s cabinet or members of the Haqqani network are on the US blacklist and are being targeted.

“The Islamic Emirate considers this position a clear violation of the Doha Agreement, which is not in the interest of either the United States or Afghanistan.”

“Mr. Haqqani’s family is part of the Islamic Emirate and does not have a separate name and organization,” he said, adding that the blacklist request should have been removed.

“Whether the United States or other countries are expressing provocative views or trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate strongly denies this position.

‘We demand that this misleading position be turned into a diplomatic one as soon as possible,” he said.

The remarks come two days after the Taliban announced their new caretaker government, in which 17 of the 33 minister figure on the UN Sanctions List, including the prime minister, two deputies, and the ministers of defence, foreign affairs and interior.


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