Mumbai-based B-Boy Wildchild finds global stage

Mumbai, Sep 26 : For Mumbai-based Eshwar Tiwari, who goes by the name B-Boy Wildchild in the world of breaking, it was during a school bunk that he was introduced to the unique genre.

Seeing another young b-boy, named Ninja, doing backflips and other moves that he had only seen in movies, it intrigued him so much that he began to practice breaking and today, has made it a top 32 in a global breaking competition.

His love for backflips, Wildchild told IANSlife, is what hit the trigger for him to begin his breaking journey, because after he learnt the backflip, a childhood friend explained to him what it was and kept showing him videos. “That was the rising fire for me.”

Now part of the Beast Mode Crew, which he calls his tribe and his circle which always motivates him, Wildchild has made it to the top 32 of the Red Bull BC One E-Battle – the online breaking program of the prestigious one-on-one breaking competition – Red Bull BC One.

A total of 26 countries and locations are represented in the Top 32 lineup. The next round onward the battles will be held live. B-Boy Wildchild will battle B-Boy Wolfer from Austria.

What excites him the most about breaking?

“The feeling of not knowing what the result will be but still craving to do it. I like to take risks in everything, whether that’s with regards to breaking or my life outside it. The feeling of not playing safe and executing moves which nobody can ever imagine — I feel like this mentality defines my Wildchild character. If it wasn’t for breaking, I would have been just one ordinary normal kid growing up with so much energy, only for it to be wasted. Breaking helped me build a life that I have always dreamed of living.”

Sharing a quirky anecdote about how came to be known as Wildchild, he shared: “One funny but very special moment for me was when I got my name ‘Wildchild’. Before I joined Beast Mode crew, my b-boy name was Unlock. At that time, Ninja told me that a b-boy name should represent a breaker’s style and character, and that’s when he named me B-Boy Wildchild. This was because of my energy in real life, the way I used to behave and learn new moves and the way I used to approach situations was wild. I was so happy because I wanted to changed my b-boy name, but didn’t expect it would happen this way, and that too by my mentor.”

From an accidental find on a school bunk to being among the top performers, Wildchild says he’s very proud of himself to be representing India at a worldwide level with the Red Bull BC One E-Battle.

“In this lockdown it has been difficult to practice because I don’t have a big space in my house. Preparing for this competition has been tough because every time I go to my usual park, the security guards ask me to leave. So whenever I find an empty place and get the chance, I go all out and train as much as I can in that limited time. In the next round I’m battling my brother from Austria and Morocco, B-Boy Wolfer. So I am really looking forward to this battle as this is one of its kind, and it’s keeping the breaking vibe going even at a time like this, when it’s difficult for b-boys to shine, especially in India.”

Red Bull BC One E-Battle World Final is set for October 24.


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