Musk asks X users to post long-form articles to promote citizen journalism

New Delhi, June 9 : Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, on Sunday, encouraged X users to post long-form articles on the platform and create space for citizen journalism.

Some users have already started posting full-length articles written by them on X, as Musk tries to compete with traditional media giants.

“I just published my first X Article! Thank you @elonmusk for creating a platform for citizen journalism,” said a user.

Musk replied: “Publish full-length, complex articles on X!”

Another user commented: “Great idea! Engaging content on X will attract more readers.”

Last September, the tech billionaire visited the US-Mexico border and live-streamed his tour of the region.

Musk then encouraged people to do citizen journalism on X.

“Please encourage more citizen journalism! You can do live video easily from your phone. More on-the-ground reporting from regular citizens will change the world,” he posted.

The X owner has invited journalists to publish directly on X and earn more. He has also made X an open-source platform.

He is even planning to launch his own news distribution service called XWire, saying whatever is relevant in legacy media is already available on X.

The aim is to rival existing news platforms for disseminating company PR news and press releases.

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