MV of Guru Randhawa’s ‘Fake Love’ out

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New Delhi, Sep 12 : Singer Guru Randhawa’s album ‘Man of The Moon’ in collaboration with Bhushan Kumar is out with the music video of another track ‘Fake Love’.

While the artist launched seven songs from the album, ‘Fake Love’ is the second music video to release after ‘Signs.’ Composed and mixed by Sanjoy, with lyrics by Royal Maan and Amar Sandhu and mastered by Ryan Shanahan, ‘Fake Love’ has a very distinct sound that reflects in its pacey and thrilling music video.

Directed by Rupan Bal and designed and conceptualized by Anmol Raina, the music video of Guru’s ‘Fake Love’ features Guru himself along with Sanjoy and Amar Sandhu as they set out on a heist that takes an unpredictable twist.

The song was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, an international location, exploring different sites with a new story. Looking every bit like an international music video, the visual effects and sharp editing has been worked on by Dilpreet.

Bhushan said, “Fake Love is a progressive music track and the music video too reflects that pace. The storyline of the song will have you completely hooked with thrill at every corner.”

Guru shared, “Since the audio is so different, we attempted to do something out-of-the-box in terms of the visuals of the music video. We shot the video of ‘Fake Love’ in Bulgaria during the lockdown and are very excited with the way it turned out.”

Rupan commented, “The music video of Fake Love actually has a compelling story and the track in itself takes that narrative ahead. It’s sharp, pacey and gripping and a treat to Guru Randhawa fans.”

The music video is out on T-Series’ YouTube channel.


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