National farmers’ conference in Hyderabad today

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Hyderabad, Aug 27 : The National farmers’ Conference, under the Chairmanship of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, will be held at pragathi bhavan here on Saturday afternoon.

Leaders and representatives of various farmers’ associations from 26 states, who came to Hyderabad yesterday to study the progress of Telangana in Agriculture and irrigation sector, reached Pragathi Bhavan this morning. They would also conduct a field visit in various districts of the state.

After the breakfast, the leaders of the National Farmers’ Unions watched a documentary on the progress of Telangana in the fields of agriculture and irrigation and other sectors.

In addition to the current situation of the agricultural sector in the country, a discussion on the development of agriculture, irrigation and power sectors implemented by the state government, the implementation of farmer welfare programs and the progress of other agricultural related projects will be held in the conference.

KCR will participate in the lunch program with the leaders of the national farmers’ associations and later the conference will begin.


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