National : Heated argument between Haryana women panel chief, woman cop turns ugly

Chandigarh, Sep 11 : A heated argument between the Haryana Women’s Commission Chairperson and a woman police officer took an ugly turn in front of cameras.

At a meeting in Kaithal on several issues, including a marital dispute, Chairperson Renu Bhatia was seen shouting at the police officer.

A video of the exchange, purportedly recorded by a local journalist, has Bhatia saying: “You could’ve slapped him? Had the girl checked up thrice. Get out! I don’t want to hear anything.”

Expressing her ire at the police officer, she said, “SHO take her outside. You will face departmental inquiry.”

The verbal duel continued till the police officer was physically removed from the room by her colleague.

In retaliation, the police officer remarked: “We don’t come here to get insulted.”

At this, Bhatia replied, “So you come here to get the girl insulted?”

“We got a case involving a husband and wife. The husband misbehaved several times with members of the Commission and the police. The man wanted to leave the wife because according to him, she wasn’t ‘physically fit’,” Bhatia later told the media.


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