National News Update : Buying spree in Chennai as TN faces total lockdown from Monday

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Chennai, May 9 : People of Chennai have entered a buying spree as Tamil Nadu is set for a complete lockdown from May 10 to May 24. Most are filling their stocks with groceries, medicines, utensils, toiletries and other materials that they fear will run out of anytime.

Manoj Nayayanan a stock market professional told IANS: “I do know that the shops will be open and that there is not much need for a panic buying, but I will not go out of home for buying materials as there are possibilities of getting infected. Hence I have bought all that is necessary to run a home, including cereals and pulses and the necessary medicines for my parents and other family members.”

While the M.K. Stalin government has allowed shops to function till 9 p.m. on Sunday, from Monday onwards, fish and meat stalls will be allowed to function everyday till noon with 50 per cent capacity.

Manoj says: “Unlike earlier lockdown this time people have got time to stock the necessary items and we have made use of this.”

Last April when the government announced a four day complete lockdown, only a nine hour window was there and hence there was panic buying in all shops.

Another important factor pointed out by the health department officials is that the mask awareness has not yet reached the desired level. Police were also seen taking extra measures to find out whether people are wearing masks and have conducted awareness among the motorists on masks.

People are also travelling out of Chennai to their hometowns, especially IT professionals as they have the option to work from home.

Srinivas Nair, an IT professional with an MNC while speaking to IANS said: “I am from Aluva in Kerala and I am driving down today and have already registered for the Kerala government. We can work from home and there is no point in staying here.

“However, as Kerala is also on a lockdown, I have stocked the necessary items to tide over this period. I am driving down as almost all trains are cancelled and I don’t want to take a risk by travelling in a flight with others as I have my family with me.”


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