National News Update : Modi-fication of game in playing Tamil card

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By V.Mariappan

Chennai, Apr 3 : The white beard glistening in synch with crystal-like glasses, face cool as cucumber and the slightly receding hairline from the forehead coupled with dense white strands of hair flowing from the head down to the nape, he was worshipping the other day at the ancient Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai, attired in white dhoti and long shirt, an angvastram dangling from the shoulder.

The sartorial makeover hand in hand with the age-old tradition

had something so happily local about it that nobody around

could find anything outlandish about him.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed all the spitting

image of a ‘son-of-the-soil’ sage that the natives could connect

with sans any hang-up.

Coming down to Tamil Nadu for wooing the electorate to vote for

the NDA candidates–BJP trying its luck in 20 constituencies in

the April 6 Assembly elections–Modi took an easy trip down the

memory lanes of the Tamil Nadu history quite with aplomb as if

the State had long been his home turf.

The very name of ‘Madurai’ sets off memories of MGR (acronym for

Former CM and AIADMK Founder M G Ramachandran) blockbuster

‘Madurai Veeran,’ he said at the meeting near Pandikovil in Madurai

amid AIADMK leaders and BJP functionaries on Friday.

In fact, one could not help recalling that when the matinee idol’s film

was released to a roaring success way back in 1956, Modi must have

been a six-year-old boy far away in Gujarat.

Yet the BJP leader’s very mention of MGR set the audience bursting

into applauses that continued when he remembered that it was Madurai

where the late leader floated his party, parting ways with the DMK, a party

of dynasty as he termed.

Again it was the Madurai belt that installed MGR in the throne three

times. In 1977, MGR contested from Aruppukottti, in 1980 from Madurai

West and in 1984 from Andipatti.

Accurate historical data Modi seemed to have at his fingertips even as

the onlookers steeped in the Madurai mores and memories looked at

him in awe.


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