National News Update : Vijayan is the biggest liar and most corrupt, Congress

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Thiruvananthapuram, March 29 : Leader of Opposition and Congress veteran Ramesh Chennithala on Monday said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was the biggest liar and the most corrupt person.

Chennithala said this while interacting with the media and pointed out every day numerous evidences are coming out and everything associated with the gold smuggling and the dollar case reveals that the hub of all these activities was Vijayan’s office.

“It’s at this point of time, Vijayan goes to town saying that corruption in Kerala under the Left has come down. What many fail to understand is he should thank his good friend, Narendra Modi, who has diluted the Prevention of Corruption Act and today the rule is, any complaint of corruption against legislators, or ex-legislators cannot be taken up unless the government approves of it or by the appointing authority,” said Chennithala.

Chennithala said that Vijayan is attacking him often because he has been bringing out various corruption issues of this government.

“Starting from the distilleries and breweries case, I have been after this corrupt government. Then came the Sprinklr issue and then the most corrupt deal of selling the Kerala seas and state’s fisheries resources to a US headquartered company. Vijayan had to subsequently cancel all these which I raised and he says, he is the biggest fighter of corruption. Vijayan of late has turned out to be the biggest liar and the most corrupt person,” said Chennithala.

“The situation today is such that any corruption case that comes up in the name of people like Vijayan are not probed, while if anyone writes a letter against me or our leaders, it’s immediately probed,” added Chennithala.

Chennithala dismissed the often said statement of Vijayan saying that there exists a deal between the Congress and the BJP and said everyone knows that the deal is between the BJP and the CPI-M.

Chennithala also asked Vijayan to come out with his stand with regards to the entry of women into the famed Sabarimala temple.

“It was he who led a renaissance movement soon after the apex court a few years back ruled for the entry of women in all age groups to the Sabarimala temple. It was the Left government which withdrew the affidavit of our government and put up a new affidavit. Today when one of his cabinet ministers (State Devasom Minister Kadakampally Surendran) apologises for the unruly incidents in the temple town in 2018, another minister (State Power Minister M.M. Mani blasts Surendran), while national General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri says something else. All I wish to ask Vijayan is, does he agree to the entry of women in all age groups to the temple,” asked Chennithala.

On Monday, when this question was asked to Vijayan, he said, “Today everything is quiet in the temple town and it’s people like you (media) who continue to raise Sabarimala issue.”


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