National : Strong speech by Rahul Gandhi at rally, says Tharoor

New Delhi, Sep 4 : Congress leader Shashi Tharoor commended the “strong speech” by party leader Rahul Gandhi, who attacked the Narendra Modi government’s failure to control inflation, at the party rally here on Sunday.

A strong speech by @RahulGandhi at @INCIndia’s #MehengaiParHallaBol rally roused the huge crowds thronging the Ram Lila Maidan. Now to take the message across the country in the #BharatJodoYatra!” he said in a tweet.

Tharoor, who is seen as a member of the G-23, seeking wide-ranging reforms in the party, is seen as a possible candidate in the elections to the Congress President’s post next month.

In his speech at the rally, Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP-led Central government, saying said fear and hate were on the rise in the country since the party came into power.

“Hate is the incarnation of fear. The hate takes shape in those who fear something. Those who don’t fear have no sense of hate,” he said.

Gandhi identified the fears that were rising in India as “the fear for future, fear of rising prices, and the fear of rising unemployment”.

“The hate divides the society leading to weakening of the country. The BJP and RSS are involved in dividing the society, deliberately creating hate and fear in the country,” he said.


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