National : Study files carefully before signing, Mamata tells Cabinet colleagues

Kolkata, Aug 18 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during a Cabinet meeting on Thursday instructed all the ministers to carefully study all files before putting their signature.

In the meeting, she also issued a clear instruction to all ministers that no one can use the red beacon-fitted vehicles or pilot-cars even when they are on official duty, be it in the state capital, or in other districts.

Cabinet sources said that the chief minister was “extremely poised” while she issued these two instructions.

“She also said that she will not take the matter lightly if any minister is found violating her instruction about the use of red beacon-fitted or pilot cars,” a senior member of the cabinet said on the condition of anonymity.

It has been learnt that in the cabinet meeting, the chief minister also said that all ministers should take their respective positions seriously. “The ministers should understand their sphere of responsibilities and take their assignment seriously,” the chief minister was quoted as saying.

She also directed the cabinet ministers to update the ministers of state in their respective department about their assignments.

It was learnt that at the meeting, the chief minister, specially emphasised that all cabinet ministers and ministers of states should be careful about maintaining a clean image.

Political analysts feel that such words of caution from the chief minister have come in wake of the recent development concerning Partha Chatterjee, which has caused immense embarrassment for the party in general and hence the chief minister cautioned her cabinet colleagues in advance.

Sources said that in the cabinet meeting on Thursday the chief minister even cautioned a senior cabinet colleague about frequent complaints of high-handedness against him.


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