National Update : Shah hails Delhi Police work in Covid times

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New Delhi, Jan 19 : Union Home Minister Amit Shah hailed the Delhi Police for its effective handling of the coronavirus situation and said that despite many of the personnel themselves suffering from the virus, the force meticulously faced all challenges that came its way in 2020.

Shah, during his visit to Delhi Police headquarters on Tuesday, addressed police officers and congratulated the force for its role in handling the pandemic.

“The Delhi Police passed all tests that came its way like the pandemic, northeast Delhi riots, lockdown, lockdown opening, sending migrant workers to their homes or even effectively handling the farmers’ protests peacefully through dialogue. I would like to congratulate Delhi Police for all its efforts,” Shah said.

He said that effective policing and law and order is a prerequisite for any development work in the nation like GDP growth, industrialisation, effective progress in education, women and children’s safety or urban development.

He said that every police personnel irrespective of his position is a part of the development programme that forms the spine of the system. Even the work of every constable is important for the overall growth and work of the police force, he said.

Shah said the work of Delhi Police is amplified as important and strategic places are in Delhi including Rashtrapati Bhawan, Prime Minister’s residence, various embassies, historical monuments and several important research and development institutions.

“The Delhi Police should also pursue improvisation. Sometimes ambition and aim to improvise takes us forward. This could only happen when the police hierarchy from the top to the lower order works in coordination as a team,” he said.

He said that to defeat Covid we have to effectively work on vaccination.

“There are various challenges in front of Delhi Police which could not be achieved through traditional means and there is a need for improving the techniques and the infrastructure. I am glad that National Forensic Science University and Delhi Police also signed an MoU,” Shah said.

Shah also emphasised on the effectiveness of forensic work and scientific evidence in bringing criminals to justice. He said that crime control could not take place just by arresting criminals but to bring the criminals to justice.

Nearly 119 forensic officers from NFSU would help Delhi Police in its forensic investigation so that the rate of conviction increases.

Shah also appreciated the Delhi Police efforts in reuniting missing children and said that the promotion given to police officers in this regard would in turn motivate other forces to do the same.

He said that there are plans to link all CCTV cameras in the capital to effectively bring down crime.

Shah also said that every police station should set up at least five specific goals to achieve in a time-bound manner.


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