Navy Chief : Need to have good maritime domain

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Panaji, Nov 8 : Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh on Monday said there is a need to have a good maritime domain and an understanding of what other nations are doing.

Speaking to reporters, he said,”If we have to know what other countries are doing, we have to have a good maritime domain with us. Awareness leads to understanding. Once you understand the domain and you find there is action by any country which is enemical or pre-open to the Indian or Pacific Ocean, then that country is to be called out and said that is not ok. That is present situation which exists.”

On the possibility of non-state actors being active in the ocean, he said if happenings in the sea were genuine then its okay else the respective countries need to be told that what they were doing was not right.

”If it is genuine or scientific which is happening in the high seas, its fine but any action which is inimical to the interest of the country or to the pursuance of the free ocean or seas, then we have to call them and tell them that you are not doing the right thing,” he said.

He said there was a need to have a good mechanism for surveillance to control pollution in the sea.

”Therefore, our ships and aircraft are constantly deployed to assist the Coast Guard and Marine Police. They are monitoring and if excessive pumping out of effluent or anything is found then we make a report and then we warn the particular ship concerned or the nation concerned. Its constant effort. We have to engage 24X7, identify, survey and understand what activities are going on in the sea,” he said.


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