Nirankari Sant Samagam : 73rd Annual Samagam will be held on 5,6,7 December in virtual format

‘Composure’– Mans Prime Need In This Materialistic World

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Delhi, November17, 2020 : The 73rdAnnual NirankariSant Samagam will be held by the SantNirankari Mission on 5, 6 and 7 December, 2020 in a Virtual Form in the august presence of Satguru Mata SudikshaJiMaharaj, Head of SantNirankari Mission.

Amidst the prevailing conditions of Covid-19 pandemic, SantNirankari Mission adheres to the guidelines laid by the Government and plans to hold the SantSamagam virtually to be viewed by devotees across the globe. The decision has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the entire Nirankari Fraternity.

The program will be webcast on the Mission’s website on 5, 6 and 7 December.It shall also be aired on Sanskar TV channel from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm on the same three days.

In the History of NirankariSantSamagams,this is the first time it will be held in a Virtual Format. History of NirankariSamagams dates back to 1948 when the first Samagam was held in the gracious presence of Baba Avtar SinghJi,who settled in Paharganj,Delhi, post partition and established the SantNirankariMandal in 1948.

SantNirankari Mission was started 91 years ago with Baba Buta SinghJi planting the saplings of pure devotion which was nurtured by Baba Avtar SinghJi with virtues of patience, contentment and in adherence to the Master’s teachings. Baba Gurbachan SinghJifurther nourished it with values of tolerance and humility which later under the care,vision and guidance of Baba Hardev SinghJi grew to a tree blooming fully with love andbrotherly attributes. The responsibility of maintaining and beautifing the garden of humanity with human values rested on the able shoulders of Mata SavinderJi which was aptly carried out. Satguru Mata SudikshaJiMaharaj,the present Head of the Mission is taking the legacy forward with renewed energy of dedication,devotion and involvement.

The 73rdAnnual NirankariSantSamagam will focus on the theme‘Composure’–‘The Eternal Satbility’:to derive strength from the Formless God and lead a balanced,stable living.

In the fast changing materialistic world the need has arisen to provide stability to the human mind so that a balanced, stable living adorned with human values can be achieved for humans to mutually coexist and make this earth a heavenly place to live in. This can be achieved through Spiritual Enlightenment only.

The message of Spiritual Awareness will be highlighted with the vision of establishing an atmosphere of peace and serenity in the world on the basis of Truth, Love and Oneness.

Elaborating on the importance of the theme, SatguruMata Sudiksha Ji draws analogy of a strong rooted tree which withstands the fiercest of storms and does not get uprooted; to a spiritually enlightened soul,who remains firmly connected to the eternally stable Formless God ; will lead a stable life irrespective of the circumstances he is living in.

Along with spiritual awakening the Mission is devoting itself to the service of Humanity in several ways.The Social welfare activities of the Mission are being conducted by the SantNirankari Charitable Foundation and is actively organizing Blood Donation camps,Cleanliness drives, Tree Plantation Drives, Medical check up camps etc.The Mission comes forth with all the possible necessary relief measures in any natural calamity,working in close coordination with appropriate and designated agencies.

This year in the hard times of Covid-19, the Mission has contibuted its help to the country in various ways. The Mission had distributed ration and essential items among the needy people all over the country. PPE kits, masks,sanitizers have been provided to health workers and hospitals. Many SatsangBhawans have been offered to the local authorities for use as quarantine centres. With the imposition of the lockdown; which lead to a grave situation of migrant laborers;the Mission worked with the concerned authorities in providing shelter homes and all necessary arrangements to provide food to those migrating.

With the beginning of the unlock phase, volunteers of the Mission started organising blood donation camps across the country which are continuing till date.

Nirankari devotees across the globe are eagerly waiting for the commencmentof the 73rd Annual NirankariSantSamagam virtually.They welcome this opportune moment in the present Covid-19 pandemic situation to be blessed by Her Holiness through a virtual format.

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