Nita Ambani : Jio Institute will prepare the next generation of global leaders

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Mumbai, July 20 (IANS) “Jio Institute was born out of a dream I shared with my husband Mukesh, to redefine higher education in India, and carry forward the legacy of our Founder, my father-in-law Dhirubhai Ambani”, said Nita M. Ambani, Founder Chairperson, Reliance Foundation Institution of Education and Research.

“As the first batch of Jio Institute, you will take the first ever step, into an extraordinary future that we hope to build together”, she said.

“Mukesh is a true patriot. And it is his vision to build an institution that will empower young Indians, and young people from across the globe, to develop solutions for a sustainable and better future for mankind.

An institution that will prepare the next generation of global leaders, who will significantly contribute to the advancement of India and the world”, Ambani said.

She said that every batch of an institution is special, as they contribute to the growth and cultural fabric of these institutions. “But the first one is always extra special.

They don’t just contribute, they help envision, and imagine an infinite possibility”, Ambani said.

“At Jio Institute, we endeavour to create an environment, that is a fertile ground for your intellectual discovery and development, that encourages curiosity and a robust exchange of ideas, and enables practical experimentation for real-life solutions.

A collaborative setting for personal growth, and a research-oriented culture that can catalyse national growth. Here, you will experience a unique learning environment, with a focus on research and innovation, and a global community of academicians and industry leaders”, Ambani said.


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