Nitin Gadkari : Govt to bring legislation to increase speed limit of vehicles

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New Delhi, Oct 8 : Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday said he is planning to bring legislation to increase speed limits of vehicles on the roads.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave 2021, the Minister said he has not been able to increase the speed limits yet, because there is a “perception” that accidents are caused by high speed.

Asked if the government is considering increasing speed limits, the Minister said, “This is something I have not been able to do much about so far, there are various court decisions that restrict speed limits,” he said.

He said he has now decided to bring a law to increase the speed limits.

“Now I have taken a stand, I will go to Parliament with a bill and change the speed parameters,” Gadkari said.

The Minister said while nothing has been finalised so far, it is being considered that speed on green express highways might be increased to 120-140 km per hour, on national highways it might be increased to 100 km per hour, and up to 75 kms per hour inside cities.

He ,however, clarified that this is his view and not a commitment or announcement.

Asked about other countries having higher speed limits, the minister said, “technically I can allow 200 km per hour, or 180 km per hour. But it would take some time for people to accept this idea. There is a perception that speed causes accidents. So we would do it in a phased manner”.

The Minister batted for electric cars, and use of ethanol as fuel for cars.

He said sales of electric cars went up by 140 per cent in the last one year, adding that India could emerge as a leader in the sector by manufacturing electric cars and components.

“Here is potential for India, sky’s the limit, we can be the world leader in the sector,” he said.

Talking about road construction, the Minister announced that the focus is on reducing use of cement and steel in road construction.

He also slammed the cement industry for cartelising and increasing prices of cement, and said as a result he has decided to do away with the mandatory rule of using cement in road construction.


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