North Korea unveils new missile which can be launched from a submarine

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Pyongyang, Jan 15 : North Korea on Friday unveiled a new type of ballistic missile which can be launched from a submarine which was described by the state media as “the world’s most powerful weapon”.

Several of the country’s missiles were on display at a parade overseen by leader Kim Jong-un, the BBC reports.

The parade follws a rare political meeting where Mr Kim decried the US as his country’s “foremost principal enemy”.

The show of military strength comes days before the inauguration of Joe Biden as US president.

Images released by North Korean state media showed at least four large black-and-white missiles being driven past flag-waving crowds.

Analysts noted that it was a previously unseen weapon. “New year, new Pukguksong,” tweeted one North Korea expert, using the North Korean name for their submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).


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