Not ready to give up the use of force, asserts HNLC

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Shillong, Jul 19 : The Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC), an outlawed outfit has asserted that it was not ready to give up violence as long as the authorities did not meet their demands regarding ‘peace talks’.

“We are not ready to shun violence until and unless an interlocutor is appointed. As long as there is no official communication we shall keep spearheading our movement and without fail,” HNLC General Secretary, Sainkupar Nongtraw said in a media communiqué on Sunday.

“… the HNLC had time and again sent various letters addressed to the state government, the central government including the Ministry of Home Affairs. Deliberate discussions were held within the council’s leaders to facilitate peace talks. The council has documented each and every letter for future reference, in case we are told that we did not want peace and that we should shun the path of violence,” he said.

“It is child’s play for the CM to just appear in the media fraternity and issue any kind of statements. But at the same time it should be implemented in letter and spirit,” Nongtraw asserted.

Stating that nothing concrete has been achieved in the formulation of peace talks since 2004, the outfit leader said, “Lately we feel that peace talks just appear good in newspapers. But the reality is that it doesn’t exist in the dictionary of the government. Right now talking about maintaining peace and harmony is just useless from the orators’ mouth.”

“If you can have oratory skills then we have bomb making skills. You destroy the society by your lies whereas we plan actions to destroy the liars,” the HNLC dared.

“This is not a time to put blame upon each other but a time to re-introspect. The HNLC had issued statements time and again that we will not give up violence until the government comes up with something concrete,” the outfit iterated.


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