NR Cong to be fully merged with BJP in future, Rangaswamy will be isolated, Narayanasamy

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Puducherry, Mar 31 : Former Chief Minister V Narayanasamy has predicted that the N R Congress will be fully merged with the BJP in future and its President N Rangaswamy will be isolated.

In a WhatsApp video released to the media here on Tuesday evening, he said N R Congress has forged an alliance with the BJP.

But it is going alone for election campaign. The N R Congress is for statehood for Puducherry and the BJP in its election manifesto had made it clear that statehood will not be granted for Puducherry.

As such, will Rangaswamy will fight against the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, he asked.

Mr Narayanasamy said the BJP-led NDA government had stripped the powers of the elected government in Delhi and handed it over to Lt.Governor and the same thing will happen in Puducherry also.

The BJP will control the N R Congress and it could not function freely if it come to power, the former Chief Minister claimed.

He said If the BJP alliance come to power in the UT, Puducherry will lose its separate identity and culture and people from other states will be appointed in government posts.

Further, communal clashes and division will be there and individual freedom will be lost and all public sector undertakings here will be privatized, he alleged.

Mr Narayanasamy said that the Secular Democratic Alliance (SDA) alone will be able to protect Puducherry from these dangers and urged the people to bring the SDA to power in the April 6 assembly election.


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