On International Self-Care Day, ‘SLAY’ with Glance & Roposo

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New Delhi, July 23 : Self-care has grown in popularity over the years.

Today, Gen Z are not just talking but deeply practicing wellness, mindfulness, therapy, stress management, and self-love and more. Undoubtedly, a lot of youngsters are continually keen on learning more about the different kinds of self-care routines. To educate and spread awareness on the importance of self-care, Glance and Roposo are hosting a special event ‘S.L.A.Y – Self Love And You’ on International Self-Care Day i.e. on July 24.

“Through this day-long celebration, users will get an opportunity to watch 11 engaging live shows specially curated for their well-being across categories such as yoga, nutrition, music therapy, habit building, retail therapy, mindfulness at the workplace, and many more,” a statement said on Saturday.

“As a build up to this event, some of the creators who stream their shows on Glance have started a self-care challenge on social media. Using the hashtag #TogetherWeSlay, the challenge involves a creator showing a small part of what they do to practice self-care and invites fellow-creators and users to join the challenge by sharing their own unique ways to ensure their physical, mental, and emotional well-being,” it said.

“The live extravaganza, S.L.A.Y, will be streamed on Glance and Roposo simultaneously on 24th July from 8 am onwards. It will kickstart with a special show – Music Spa For The Mind, which will help viewers channelize their self-healing powers, while experiencing a relaxing and rejuvenating sound bath with expert sound healer, Manjula Singh. This will be followed by Yoga For The Body, which will be a live show by Yoga expert Khushi Bajwa who will guide users through different yoga routines,” the statement further read.

“After the refreshing yoga show, viewers can experience an innovative session with Habit Coach Ashdin Doc who will help viewers develop habits that will make them more energetic, more productive, and most importantly, stress-free,” the release said.

“In the afternoon, a unique Art for All show with Kanupriya Soni and Samiksha Suri will help viewers unlock their inner artists and express their emotions through art. This creative session will be followed by SLAY with Retail Therapy, which will truly uplift the viewers’ mood. Indulging in a shopping spree is a proven therapy and Yashasvi will reveal to everyone how retail therapy can make you feel happier and relaxed. SLAY at Workplace is another exciting show, where Haider Turabali Jasdanwala and Veena Nellissery Sethuraman will talk about the importance of taking care of yourself at work, and how companies can encourage employees’ health and wellness,” it said.

“In the evening, a spoken word artist and an Indie singer will collaborate to bring you stories along with music, while speaking about music as a form of self-expression during Surily Stories. There will also be a comedic take by Sorabh Pant on self love on a show titled Pant’s Rants which will also feature Vividh the Kurta Guy,” the release said.

“Popular makeup artist and LGBTQIA+ creator, Bhumneshwar Manhas will also be seen talking about the importance of accepting yourself while sharing some makeup tips and tricks during his live show – Bhumneshwari’s Magic Brush. Last but not the least, the day will end with a showstopper talking about self-care and self-love! Krishna Shroff will be on board to talk about her fitness and her self-love funda,” it added.

All in all, S.L.A.Y. will surely break the taboos and misconceptions around self-care culture and it is something you cannot miss watching on Glance and Roposo.


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