One anti-Paralympic protester injured in clashes with police in Tokyo

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Tokyo, Aug 24 : Protesters against the Paralympic Games in Tokyo clashed with the police on Tuesday, leaving one person injured, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

The beforehand designated site of the rally turned out blocked by the police when participants arrived. Officers also fenced off a small space on the sidewalk a few blocks away. All passers-by were required to have accreditation badges on to pass. Some protesters misunderstood the instructions and turned back.

Ten minutes before the start of the rally, only seven people were allowed into the fenced-in space, with the majority of protesters gathering on the opposite side of the street. When those seven people tried to join the rest of the rally, the police tried to stop them, which led to clashes.

A woman was pushed hard by a police officer, falling and injuring her head. A RIA Novosti correspondent attempted to film the incident but was brutally pushed away by the police, ignoring her press card and the request not to use force.

The injured woman with blood traces on her clothes branded the incident as an act of police brutality.

“The police surrounded me and detained one woman. I said that this is not allowed, and I pressed myself against one of the policemen, he pushed me, I fell to the ground, I bled. This is violence by the police,” she said.

The victim asked not to disclose her name in fear of reprisals from the law enforcement forces.

Several skirmishes followed the incident, prompting the protesters to shout “Stop police violence!” instead of the traditional call “Stop the Paralympics!” The entire rally lasted for about two hours, after which the protesters peacefully dispersed.

The 2021 Paralympic Games, originally scheduled to take place last summer, were postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The sporting event began on Tuesday and is due to last until September 5.


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