Onion price @ Rs 70/kg; commoners declare it “untouchable” like Covid-19

Kolkata, Oct 19 : After potato, now prices of onion are skyrocketing almost every passing day, increasing the woes on the common people, leading them to ab unbearable situation at a time when Covid-19 has almost crippled the economy, especially affecting the middle class and poor daily wage earners.

While the potato prices are in the range of Rs 30 to Rs 40 as Jyoti variety is at Rs 30 a kg, Chandramukhi variety was at Rs 36 or Rs 38 a kg, onion prices went up to Rs 50 a kg last week and today soared to Rs 70 a kg at retailing market.

Green vegetable like ladies finger, brinjal, parbal or charatis are being sold at Rs 60 to Rs 80 and green chilly was at Rs 200 per kg in the retailing.

As predicted market analysts last September, onion prices skyrocketed during the October-November festive season, like they did last year and around the same time in the previous years, exposing the absence of a policy to ensure price stability of one of India’s kitchen staples, despite it being a talking point in Indian politics.

Already, wholesale onion prices have nearly doubled within a span of 4 weeks at Lasalgaon, the country’s largest wholesale market for the bulb.

Retail prices have touched 60 per kg in Mumbai and Pune, and even Rs 70 per kg in Delhi.

Yet, ironically, farmers are at loss as large-scale crop damage has dented their profitability.

Besides, there has been a steep rise in the prices of eggs, vegetable oils and different varieties of pulses almost every month.


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