Outgoing Prez of B’desh Abdul Hamid told journalists how to spend time in retired life

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Dhaka, Mar 13 : After serving two consecutive terms as the president of Bangladesh, the current president Abdul Hamid is leaving Bangabhaban in next (April) month.
His term will end on April 23. As a result, he will naturally leave Bangabhaban. The countdown to his departure has already started.

Because the next (22nd) President of the country has already been elected. Sahabuddin, the new president, is scheduled to take office from April 24.

In his long 64-year political life, Abdul Hamid has had good relations with many journalists. Therefore, before leaving, he invited some of them to Bangabhaban on Sunday. He talked to them about various memories and told them about his plan for retirement.

At this time, the outgoing president expressed his desire to spend his retirement life by writing. Md. Abdul Hamid said he will leave Bangabhaban and then go to Nikunja’s residence in the capital. Sometimes he will go to his birthplace Mithamoin. And spend free time by writing.

Earlier, the invited journalists started gathering at the Durbar Hall of Bangabhaban from Sunday evening. The outgoing President entered there around 7:30pm. At this time, he exchanged pleasantries with the invited journalists. Defying the protocol, he shook hands with the journalists and took pictures with everyone smilingly.

In his speech, Abdul Hamid mentioned his good relationship with the journalists. He said, “I have received a lot of support from journalists in my long political career. I have done politics with honesty all my life. In my 64 years of life, I have not received anything negative from the journalists, I am grateful to the journalists”.

He said, “I always had a good relationship with journalists. I had a very cordial relationship with you especially when I was the Deputy Speaker and till I finally took over as the Speaker.”
Md. Abdul Hamid also said, ‘After 42 days I will return among the people. I feel good that I have been able to leave with honour. I am grateful to everyone”.

At this time, the President invited journalists to visit haor area and his residence in Nikunja in Dhaka.

Moderated by President’s Press Secretary Zainal Abedin, veteran journalists Abed Khan and Naemul Islam Khan, media personality Shaikh Siraj, former president of National Press Club Saiful Alam, current president of Press Club Farida Yasmin and general secretary Shyamal Dutta, Ekattar TV CEO Mozammel Haque Babu, BFUJ’s Former President Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Chief Editor of DBC Manjurul Islam, Executive Editor of ATN Bangla JI Mamun, journalists Ashish Saikat, Nafiza Daula and Niladri Shekhar, among others, spoke on the occasion.


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