Oxygen Express Train : SER runs third oxygen express train from Bokaro steel city to Lucknow

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Kolkata, Apr 27 : The third Oxygen Express Train of South Eastern Railway (SER) carrying 77.16 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen in five tankers left Bokaro Steel City on Monday morning on its way to Lucknow.

The Oxygen Express train with the five empty tankers arrived at Bokaro Steel City Station on Monday and the tankers were then taken to Bokaro Steel Plant for filling up of Liquid Medical Oxygen, a SER official here on Tuesday said.

The first and second Oxygen Express Trains of SER were also run between Bokaro Steel City and Lucknow carrying 46.34 tonnes and 46.48 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen respectively. The two trains which left Bokaro Steel City on April 23 and 25 April, 2021 have already arrived in Lucknow.

As a result, total three Oxygen Express Trains with 12 Tankers carrying 170 tonnes (approx.) of Liquid Medical Oxygen have been run from Bokaro Steel City towards Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh till date informed the SER authority.

SER is working on a mission mode for transportation of the life saving gas and the employees at Bokaro Steel City station and Diesel Loco Shed are engaged round the clock to facilitate the movement of the Oxygen Express Trains. The transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen is being done through Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) service with Road Tankers placed on Flat Wagons of Railways.

The different aspects of Oxygen Train movement like maximum speed, route mapping etc. is being planned and monitored at the apex level. This has ensured timely transportation of Oxygen for the Covid affected patients in Uttar Pradesh.


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