Oxygen Express trains :450 MT liquid medical oxygen delivered by six Oxygen Express trains

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New Delhi, April 27 : Indian Railways’ Oxygen Express trains have delivered 450 metric tonnes (MT) to different states through 26 tankers.

In a statement, the Railway Ministry said: “Indian Railways is continuing its journey of delivering liquid medical oxygen to various parts of the country. So far, 450 metric tonnes have been delivered to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in six ‘Oxygen Expresses through 26 tankers covering more than 10,000 km (in empty and loaded conditions).”

As per the Ministry, currently, another Oxygen Express is on the run from Bokaro to Bhopal via Jabalpur carrying 64 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen in six tankers, which will replenish oxygen demand in Madhya Pradesh, in Bhopal and Jabalpur.

“Another empty rake from Lucknow has reached Bokaro, which will bring another set of oxygen tankers replenishing oxygen supply to Uttar Pradesh,” the Ministry said.

Delhi has also received its first Oxygen Express carrying more than 70 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen on early Tuesday morning.

“So far, as per provisional estimates, Indian Railways has delivered 202 metric tonnes to Uttar Pradesh, 174 metric tonnes to Maharashtra and 70 metric tonnes to Delhi. Madhya Pradesh will receive 64 metric tonnes in the next 24 hours,” the Ministry said.


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