Oxygen Express : Twenty Oxygen Expresses delivered 1125 MT LMO in 76 tankers so far

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New Delhi, May 3 : The Railway Ministry on Monday informed that 20 Oxygen Express trains have delivered 1125 MT of live saving gas in 76 tankers at various cities so far.

The Ministry has also informed that seven more loaded Oxygen Express are on the run carrying 422 MT of Oxygen, including the third express to Delhi carrying 120 MT Liquid Medical Oxygen from Durgapur, are expected to reach the National Capital on May 4.

The officials in the Rail Ministry said that Telangana would be receiving its second Oxygen load from Angul carrying 60.23 MT LMO while Haryana will receive its 4th, 5th Oxygen Express carrying nearly 72 MT from Angul (Orissa) and Rourkela (Orissa). Another Oxygen Express with 85 tonnes is on its way from Hapa (Gujarat) and reaching Gurgaon for delivery in NCR region, they added.

The fourth load for Madhya Pradesh,10th for Uttar Pradesh, one each for Telangana, Haryana and for Delhi carrying 422.08 MT of LMO have been on their way.

So far, Indian Railways has delivered more than 1125 metric tonnes Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to Maharashtra (174 MT), Uttar Pradesh (430.51 MT), Madhya Pradesh (156.96 MT), Delhi (190 MT), Haryana (109.71 MT) and Telangana (63.6 MT)


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