Pakistan News Update : Pak recalls ambassador in Saudi Arabia over corruption charges

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By Hamza Ameer

Islamabad, April 30 : The Pakistan government has recalled its Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, along with other officials at the Pakistan embassy, to make them part of a high-level inquiry into complaints of demanding bribes from the Pakistani expatriates.

The announcement came during a weekly press briefing at the Pakistan foreign office, where the spokesperson Zahid Chaudhri confirmed that officials in the Pakistan embassy in Saudi Arabia, had been called back.

“Our Ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia has already returned and orders have been issued for the recall of six more officers of the diplomatic, community welfare and consular wings of the embassy,” confirmed Chaudhri.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed for an inquiry. The Prime Minister’s directions were being fully implemented,” he added.

Chaudhri went on to say that the welfare of the overseas Pakistanis couldn’t be ignored.

“The Government of Pakistan attaches high importance to the welfare of overseas Pakistanis. The overseas Pakistanis are our greatest asset. Their role in national development is indispensable,” said Chaudhri.

The high-level inquiry was initiated as per orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan, after complaints of alleged involvement in taking bribes from the labourers.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that Imran took “serious view of the situation and expressed displeasure over the attitude and behaviour of the officers posted at the embassy or consulates in Saudi Arabia.”

Khan said that he has ordered a “full-scale inquiry of Pakistan’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia on multiple complaints of maltreatment with Pakistani nationals.”

“Also, maximum staff of the embassy has been recalled,” he said.

The Prime Minister has also stated that those found guilty of maltreatment of Pakistani nationals in Saudi Arabia will have to face strict punishment.


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